Umang Kagathara

Web Developer, Designer, and Consultant

Umang Kagathara

Web Developer, Designer, and Consultant

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He was asthenic when the surgeon handed him over. It was a daunting hour when we left him for the dental procedure in February 2020.

Now his smile is even more contagious, with all the dental crowns on his little teeth. That's my son, Prachetas.

He looks similar to me when I was his age. I was born in a military family, exactly one year before NASA deployed the $4.7 Billion Hubble Space Telescope from the Discovery space shuttle.

Apart from astronomy, I am fascinated with art and was good at it from my early childhood. I like to design and build things.

I built an ethernet web server with an integrated weather station as my final year project in college. I got exposure to mainstream programming during that project and developed a keen interest in coding. I started to work on personal projects which include a path tracing and obstacle avoidance robot, a simple rain timer. I also designed and built an amphibious robot capable of floating in the water and fighting till it's the last breath in a tug-of-war on land.

I started to work in a multinational conglomerate soon after college adventures. My job profile was to design, build, and deploy software solutions for some of the Fortune Global 500 and Forbes Most Innovative Companies. It's been ten years now, and still, I learn new things working for such reputed firms.

I started to work as a freelance web developer to spend more time doing the work I love. Every day is a new experience and an opportunity to learn new things and make new friends around the world.

If you are a small business owner, startup, or design enthusiast, feel free to reach out to me. I will analyze your existing online presence and will share some useful insights to improve it.

Sometimes, it's always better to have a second pair of eyes look from a different perspective, which you might have missed.

PS: We are at my village farmhouse in the picture. Just in case if you are wondering.

  • Education
    • Army School, Bathinda, Punjab
    • Air Force School, Jamnagar, Gujarat
    • Atmiya University, Rajkot, Gujarat
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